Kieran (walklikethunder) wrote in mary_prankster,

really random

today, after easter dinner with my family, i sat down to watch a movie. a silly movie. head of state starring chris rock. i'd never seen it.
the one scene, where his love interest was leaving the quik shop she was working at. . . in baltimore. . . had a mary prankster sticker stuck to the wall in the one scene. i squealed and my dad was like "what?" i'm jumping up and pointed at the screen. he knows shes my favorite. :)
how completely random is it that mary got some national coverage, and i bet she doesn't even know it?

i didn't get to finish watching the movie, but its about 30-40 minutes into it.

i thought i would share. :) hope everyone who celebrates the holiday had a nice one. and all those otherwise had a nice lazy sunday afternoon :)
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