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I know exactly what I ain't

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6th January 2010

subrucalime1:31am: Hello? Anyone?
Whats your favorite (or random) Mary Prankster memory(ies)?

My friends and I were the ones at shows who would do the Xena call (some of you might have heard it). Anyway, you can hear it on Lemonade which is from my favorite show at the 9:30 Club. If you were there, you know how perfect that show was. A giant, Mary-lovin, sing-a-long. But, then again, that was pretty much all of her shows.
Current Mood: nostalgic

13th December 2005

spiralfrenzy1:01am: question
Does anyone have the lyrics to "love has a rumble?" I seem to have lost them =/

27th November 2005

walklikethunder11:33pm: it was a good night
hardbean was certianly an intersting venue for my last mary experiance. i've seen the girl over 50 times since i was 14, and i cant belive its over. she gave me a hug at the end of the night. i really hope this isn't the end. ::crosses fingers for other projects::
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this is seriously bittersweet. wah.

18th November 2005

revtrae10:33am: hey...

is anyone planning on driving up to the baltimore show from the DC area, with extra car space? id pay for gas of course, just really really want to go to this show, and i have no car.

13th November 2005

walklikethunder6:52pm: tell your friends
i found these. . . i did them years ago from pictures i took at a soundwaves show that mary did. their at least three years old. just thought i share. :)

pranksgiving is so close. . . is anyone going to the last show ever in reading? its about three blocks from my house. i plan on dancing my pants off.
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20th October 2005

walklikethunder3:04am: bah!
wow, i just checked the website, and mary's last show is three blocks (no exageration) from my house.
i screamed.
ugh. im still so sad.

7th October 2005

roguenemesis12:33pm: Depressing news
Mary, say it ain't so!

12th August 2005

walklikethunder5:28pm: is anyone coming up to reading to see mary at gen x fest? its free. . .and i'm dragging as many people as i can to it.
its sunday, and i belive the news letter said she was going on at four pm.
i live practially walking distance from there, so if anyone wants directions lemme know!
everyone have a great day!

i'll try to take some pictures for those who cannot attend :)

22nd July 2005

satanscientist2:01pm: hey all,

so when's mary gonna hit up the east coast again? I know she and the band are laying low for a while besides a few shows, but I was wondering if anyone has heard any rumors.

I'm dying to see her play.


23rd April 2005

domestiques8:56am: according to the baltimore sun, this is what mary has on her ipod.

Mary Prankster
Singer, recording artist

1. "Stay," Oingo Boingo
2. "First It Giveth," Queens of the Stone Age
3. "Flim," Aphex Twin
4. "Crows on a Phone Line," Let's Active
5. "March of the Swivelheads," English Beat
6. "Coffee & TV," Blur
7. "I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot," Ween
8. "That Girl Suicide," Brian Jonestown Massacre
9. "Stuart," The Dead Milkmen
10. "Fun Size," Kecak

27th March 2005

walklikethunder8:49pm: really random
today, after easter dinner with my family, i sat down to watch a movie. a silly movie. head of state starring chris rock. i'd never seen it.
the one scene, where his love interest was leaving the quik shop she was working at. . . in baltimore. . . had a mary prankster sticker stuck to the wall in the one scene. i squealed and my dad was like "what?" i'm jumping up and pointed at the screen. he knows shes my favorite. :)
how completely random is it that mary got some national coverage, and i bet she doesn't even know it?

i didn't get to finish watching the movie, but its about 30-40 minutes into it.

i thought i would share. :) hope everyone who celebrates the holiday had a nice one. and all those otherwise had a nice lazy sunday afternoon :)

25th February 2005

spongebobrocks5:02am: February 16 was the 2 year anniversary of our little community!

21st February 2005

walklikethunder8:54pm: pictures pending from my party.
i had the best time of my life! mary got lost and ended up at the wrong place, we were all super worried. but then she showed up, and played, and we all danced like fools.
she just reinforced every reason shes my absolute favorite musican! and a total sweetheart off the stage as well.
i just needed to express my happiness. !!!!
hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

11th February 2005

walklikethunder3:20pm: OMG I'M IN THE NEWS LETTER!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
spongebobrocks3:56am: Hot
My Mother State, to thee I kneel


2nd February 2005

walklikethunder5:02am: wondering....
if you could hear any mary song remixed into a dance song what would you choose?
no really....any song!

21st January 2005

walklikethunder9:11pm: hi guys, i don't know if anyone is interested, or lives in the area.
if you look on the mary prankster website, you will see a private event.
thats my birthday party. its the wrong date there though, its really feb 19th.
its near reading, pa.
if your interested email me at thetaryn@gmail.com
HFS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

13th January 2005

shyrokstar11:26am: help get hfs back
Listen up, you all should start emailing bands that have played the Festival over the years, ask them for help and support...same thing with clubs, local bands...

Im doing the same...

7th December 2004

rawness4:01am: Mary's doing the John Waters Christmas show eh? I believe I just wet myself.

26th November 2004

mymy_metrocard12:29pm: not that only two of you showed interest in my ticket for pranksgiving, but i managed to get rid of it.

see a whole handful of you there tomorrow <3 thank god! last time i want to see mary (philly, captured by robots! who rocked and scared the shit out of me by the way), i ended up missing her set and only getting to chat with her for a few minutes. stupid i-76. avoid it at all costs.

anyways. . . . see you there :)

22nd November 2004

mymy_metrocard1:17pm: PRANKSGIVING TICKET!
I have an extra ticket for baltimore's pranksgiving, due to my best friend having family obligations. of coarse, she had to let me know this after i already went ahead and bought the ticket.
if anyone is interested-i am selling this at face value (dont have to worry about the ticketbastard charges, for you out of area people)
if anyone wants the ticket, its first come first serve. you can email me at "thetaryn@gmail.com" for details.
(please please please, the show always sells out and i'd feel guilty having this thing!)

18th October 2004

mymy_metrocard12:37pm: questions
how many people here will be attending pranksgiving?
also, is anyone going to, or knows any info about the show in philly opening for "captured by robots"? i looked up on the venues page, and mary is not listed for the date it says on her website. im a bit concerned. anyone? ive emailed and asked them, but they have not gotten back to me yet.
thanks <3

26th September 2004

warder3692:53am: :o)
Let me just say that Mary rocked the Chameleon Club tonight.

Her opener cancelled so it was two full sets of nothing but Mary.

No word on October shows yet, though she may have some. Otherwise its another long period of no Mary till Pranksgiving.
Current Mood: happy

6th September 2004

domestiques5:49am: mary prankster cell phone tones.
A while back I was on the look out for mary prankster midi's to use as ringtones on my phone, I found none, but has anyone come across any now?
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